Mar 18 2009

Cheerleaders Gone Wild: Audrey from Michigan State

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Michigan State Cheerleader

I decided that it was time to name this section something new.  And why not aptly call it “Cheerleaders Gone Wild?”  I just hope that Joe Francis or whatever his name is doesn’t swipe it and make millions off of the name.  That or I hope is doesn’t sue me for using “gone wild.”  I would think he should have copyrighted that by now.

In any event, the ladies from Michigan State seem to love to party.  And one of their sexy cheerleaders, Audrey is no exception.  She seems to enjoy being lifted in the air sans uniform and wear bikinis often.  That and party with the other cheerleaders.

Pictures removed at Audrey’s Request

One Response to “Cheerleaders Gone Wild: Audrey from Michigan State”

  1. Stephanieon 25 Mar 2009 at 10:42 pm

    I love Aud!! She’s on my team, and that picture of the girl passed out on the chairs is me. . . not her. lol
    And yes, she is gorgeous

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