Mar 12 2008

We are the New York Knicks City Dancers!

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Knicks City Dancers

The one shining spot in what will go down as one of the most disappointing seasons in sports history, is the cheerleading squad this is the New York Knicks City Dancers.  Shall I rant and rave about the Knicks given the fact that I’m from New York?  It’s pretty futile at this point.  Here I am kind of psyched for Zack Randolph.  Eddy Curry’s a big dude.  Balkman can defend.  Marbury?  Let’s move on.  Little Nate showing promise in the summer.  As I write these names I nearly want to puke.  This is just a bad team.  Truly pathetic and yet these dancers are so unbelievably hot.  I haven’t gone to any games this year because I’ve taken the stance of “yes I’m a fan but in order to send a message I refuse to buy a ticket.”  I think more fans should just stop coming and maybe Dolan will get the fucking message.

Knicks City Dancers

So anyway, that was enough rambling about the worst team in pro sports.   Let’s talk about one of the best dancing squads in all of pro sports.  The Knick City Dancers have it all.  They wear the outfits right, do the dances right, have the sex appeal in their routines, and just give off a New York vibe that I can’t find anywhere but here.  I even saw them do this Britney Spearsy type thing where they whipped out the chairs and spread their legs.  These girls know what’s up.  I even saw them in street gear after a game once.  You know they were about to go out and simply tear it up at the clubs.  These girls kick ass, period.

Knicks City Dancers

Speaking of spreading legs….Hi.

Knicks City Dancers

You know what’s fun about watching the chicks on any sports team dancing squad?  It’s really trying to decipher who your favorite one is.  You just stare and are so entranced by the entire routine.  It’s really like being in another world.  I love whipping out the long lenses and just doing my homework.  This little brunette here happens to be one of my favorites.  Who cares?  Any of them will do.

Knicks city dancers

We are the New York Knicks!

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Knicks City Dancers Knicks City Dancers Knicks City Dancers Knicks City Dancers Knicks City Dancers Knicks City Dancers Knicks City Dancers Knicks City Dancers Knicks City Dancers 

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  1. Jaimeon 26 Jul 2010 at 2:34 pm

    A whole new batch of the hottest cheerleaders in the NBA is coming right up! I can’t wait to see who gets picked.

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