Mar 05 2008

University of Missouri Cheerleaders

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Let’s go Mizzou! Usually when we’re talking Southern schools we’re looking at some blonds, blue eyes and tight little bodies. And we kind of have that at Mizzou. But you see, the difference between college and the pros is that I think in college squads are looking for spirit more so than looks. And you know what? That’s a shame. I mean in Miss America the Missouri chick is always hot. Well I can always take solace in the fact that it’s pretty rare if impossible to find a cheerleader that isn’t sporting a ridiculous figure skater life body. Just click on the picture for the full size you twinks.


Girl on the left is decent. Girl in the middle? Great stomach but come on. I could see her sitting across from me in home economics in high school. The guys would say, “Yeah I’d hit it but I’m not sure how long I’d stick around.” The truth hurts but someone has to say it. And why not it be me? Eh, I kind of like her smile though. Smiles go a long way.


I’d much rather see them doing splits.


Get ‘em up ladies! Get em up!


That dude loves his job.

More Pictures

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