Jan 16 2008

Houston Rockets Power Dancers

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And when I say “Power” dancers I mean power dancers. These girls can seriously throw down. You can see more of this action in their team photo gallery. These ladies both have sex appeal and serious athletic ability. It’s a shame that the actual Rockets team won’t make it to the promised land any time soon. Rick Adelman’s been close in the past and he’ll be close again but I just don’t think they can cut it. McGrady is too injury prone and Yao is too slow to carry the team on his back. Plus no one can beat the Spurs…at least I don’t think. So while I have a small opinion of this team let’s talk about these girls. Are they from Houston? I hear most of them are which means Southern hospitality. That and they can probably ride a horse.


Is it me or does that look like Sharon Stone pre-1990? So back to horse riding. It means nothing but picturing one of these ladies all saddled up gives me a nice warm and fuzzy feeling. Well, as long as they are saddled up wearing their uniforms, carrying the pom poms and are in freezing cold weather. Or I could just see them in bikinis, or perhaps in a Rick Adelman penetration screen play designed to get the defender to commit to the double team.


Far and away my favorite kind of view when I have good seats to a game. Then again I’m from New York and was raised a Knicks fan so pretty much any view is a better view than watching their games.


My attention to detail could very much lead to my overall downfall. That downfall is when I will just completely give in and officially go insane because the slightest little thing on a female has the ability to mess with my head. Take this picture for example. Sure she’s got a great body. Sure she’s got spirit! But what do I see? I see a cute little overbite that occupies my brain for about an hour. I think of that overbite in conversation, in sexual situations, in battle, in playing cards, in eating lunch or even when taking out the garbage. It’s those cutie pie little things that puts me in a place I should never be.

More Pictures:

houston-rockets-power-dancers-5.jpg houston-rockets-power-dancers-3.jpg houston-rockets-power-dancers-6.jpg houston-rockets-power-dancers-13.jpg houston-rockets-power-dancers-7.jpg houston-rockets-power-dancers-12.jpg houston-rockets-power-dancers-11.jpg houston-rockets-power-dancers-10.jpg houston-rockets-power-dancers-9.jpg

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4 Responses to “Houston Rockets Power Dancers”

  1. Tristanon 31 Jan 2008 at 1:16 am

    Yo Brock. Dude! This site is bananas. I will now include you in my prayers for having been born.

    That Sharon Stone-lookalike? I want her to be Mrs. Tristan. I’d hit on her in line at the bank on a Friday. She’s finer than frog-hair!!!! (you ever look up REAL close to a frog, and see that teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy little bitty hair all about their bodies? . . . .that’s how fine she is)

    I’m coming back here in the coming days. Weeks. Years. Whatever it takes. Oh, and I’ll be sure to comment when the need arises. Ahem. As it were. So to speak. (uhhhhhh? yeah)

  2. anaon 19 Dec 2008 at 11:51 am

    these girl are so hawt!!!

    i wish i had they’re bods!!!!!!

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  4. robert trinidad villarrealon 28 Oct 2011 at 3:03 pm

    very beautiful i love the blonde power dancer especially since i’m blackheaded

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