Jan 09 2008

USF Cheerleaders

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First of all I’d like the thank the boys over at Bustedcoverage for bringing this to my attention. She’s not featured here, but recently some photos from a Facebook Profile were released. They featured some sexy dancing, large inflamed breasts and very slutty behavior. That’s exactly what we want to see from our cheerleaders. And pending a Facebook accepted friend request I will be posting our subject, Hilary, as soon as possible on my Facebook site. For now though, enjoy. By the way, I received an email from Hilary today 1/16/08 requesting that I take her stuff down. I’ll honor that request. If it’s really her in that email then I’ll feel better about this whole thing. If not then I’ve been scammed. Hopefully the pictures are still up at Bustedcoverage.


Is it me or are the ladies of USF starting to catch up to the ladies at FSU? Is that even possible? I feel like 95% of the girls at FSU are incredibly hot and yet perhaps 96% are hot at USF.

More Pictures:

usf-cheerleaders-9.jpg usf-cheerleaders-7.jpg usf-cheerleaders-2.jpg usf-cheerleaders-3.jpg usf-cheerleaders-1.jpg usf-cheerleaders-12.jpg

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